Welcome to LochenbreckTherapies website!

I am Jenny and I invite you to try a treatment with me and feel for yourself the amazing benefits of my Massage and Healing techniques.

The Massage I perform is tailor made to teach client at each treatment. We discuss the style, depth, speed of the massage and the outcomes the client would like from the treatment. It is important for me that the client feels in control of there massage and this is done through giving them more choice. I am not here to presume I know what your body needs. Sometimes the lighter depth of massage touch can feel very profoundly deep, the mind may think the body needs heavy deep work but after discussion its actually asking to be nurtured, and sometimes we feel we need nurtured but after discussion the body feels it would get the outcomes from a deeper more structural faster massage.

The Healing work can be done as a fully clothed treatment, fab for those who prefer to keep covered. Or this treatment can be incorporated into the massage. During this treatment I lay my hands on the body and universal energy runs through the body to release and re-balance. It is such a simple touch but has profound effects! Many clients have noticed pain reduction, reduced stress and feeling more centered in life, therefore making everyday life easier to cope with.

I hope to see you soon, so you can find your healing space within the treatment.

     The Benefits of My Treatments