About Jenny

Jenny's Journey

High demand for Western Medicine in society sometimes leaves no room for holistic approaches in the treatment of some ailments.

I believe the need for my types of therapy is increasing and this is why I studied Sports Massage Therapy and over the years expanded my qualifications into Energetic Cellular Healing, Reiki Seichem Healing, Indian Head Massage, Oriental Facial Massage and a Mssage techneques that uses the forearms.

I believe giving healing treatments and/or incorporating healing in my massage treatments is essential for a fuller more balanced treatment.

The healing massage I practice today is unique having been comprised from my self-finding experiences and treatment practiced throughout the different cultures of Eastern Europe, Nepal, Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

I give a very connected treatment taking into account each person's lifestyle, mind space and alignment to help get to the core of the issues affecting them.

Jenny's Qualifications & Experience

HND - Sports Therapy: I learned the basics of human anatomy and physiology, Sports Style massage and Minor Sports Injury Assessment.

Diploma - Energy Cellular Healing: A treatment using the Universal Life Source to re-energise the body working on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels to promote well being, heal injuries and release toxins from the Body and Mind.

Diploma - Indian Head Massage: A very powerful treatment that helps unlock the stress of the head and mind. A lot of my clients use this element of treatment to switch off from Modern Life.

Diploma - Oriental Facial Massage: Works the face, neck and shoulders to rejuvinate the skin, relaease tension and drain toxins from the face.